Thursday, August 7, 2008

Watch Pearl Jam Videos: Ten

Seattle's Pearl Jam has given the world its first album, and it's a Ten. Yes, that's the title of the Epic release; yes, that's the highest you can turn a volume control you're Spinal Tap; and yes, say critics, that's also where it reaches on the quality scale. A powerful, eclectic quintet-from left, guitarist Mike McCready, 26; drummer Dave Abbruzzese, 23; bassist Jeff Ament, 28; singer Eddie Vedder, 26; and guitarist Stone Gossard, 25- Pearl Jam combines the brute aggression of modern heavy metal with a surprising postpunk intelligence. A tour with Red Hot Chili Peppers has given the band enviable exposure. So will its role as the fictional rock group Citizen Dick in Cameron Crowe's film Singles, a look at Seattle rock life that opens in April. And so may its special mix. Pearl Jam's lyrics explore the existential angst of youth, but musically the group delivers a continual sense of hope, which may be why its version of the Beatles' ''I've Got a Feeling' connects with audiences. Seattle's other successes are fine by them too. ''The fact that Nirvana had a No. 1 record and a No. 6 single is, like, sick,'' laughs Ament. ''And it's beautiful at the same time.'' Pearl Jam might not mind its own stuff described that way.

they have made eight albums which are ten,vs,vitolagy,no code,yield,binuaral,riot act and pearl jam. they are the best band in the world and good charlote suck

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